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Life had been cruel to me this whole week. One bad thing after another not letting me breathe. Do you guys ever notice how suddenly all the worst things that could happen happens to happen all together…?? Not cool…not cool…

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Sometimes I would walk to the park with my dog, sit on a bench and stare at the birds asking myself, “What is life? What am I doing here?” Yeah…

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New Girl marathon on netflix. Really makes me want to be an art teacher for little children like Jess. GLITTER EVERYWHERE!!

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themoistplinth asked: Can I just ask why is your name lucidorange?


I took a class called Dreams in college. We basically study what happens to the mind at night. It was one of my favorite class. The word lucid came up a lot. As for orange it’s because I love eating oranges. I know it’s kind of weird but I like it. So that’s the story behind my tumblr name. : )

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yourawesomenesscat asked: Question would it be alright to cosplay your robot au of Jack Frost? I would of course give you credit and links to your page.


*gasps* Oh my goodness please!! Let me know when you do so I can reblog them!!

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cassaela asked: I don't even ship Hijack but the Hijack Robot comics made me laugh so hard <3


O_O’ YES!!

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Sometimes I wish life would just take my past away like what happened to Jack Frost. So I have a second chance at life and start fresh without the luggages. Why? Well because my damn luggages are getting way too heavy…

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